08 April 2012

Vero Modero Last day of hunt + HINTS (photos)!!

Here is Vero Modero landmark you can find there 12 eggs.

Here are official hints from the store:
1 Fast and Furious u shall be to find me
2 a guy with no discipline is just a cry for help
3 u better dont push it or u wont find me
4 a confident man should be able to wear some skin
5 lets see that wild side of you and get all crazy so u find me
6 seems  is it true that also  men enjoy high  coture
7 you dont have to be a queen to have a crown and  find me,just be fashion
8 a trapped bird house may lead u to find me
9 you dont need the whole 9 months to carry me
10 i am not a candy but i look like one and i will comfort you with my gift  when u feel cold
11  let the water run so u can see all crystal clear and get me
12 you might  get invisible but not our gift so come and get it

And the following photos are from some places where i found the eggs (there not all 12 eggs included, because i hadn't fount all)


At 75 L$ discount store

 At formal culture store

Outside stores (fountain)

Formal store

Pregnancy store


All the male Easter eggs are in male store so look at the photos and find them...its so easy because they are located near :)

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