08 April 2012

EDELFABRIK Easter Egg Hunt for storecard 500L$ or 2.000L$!!!

Hey girls its time for hunting!!!! Everyone will receive at least 500L$ storecard and some random lucky girls will win 2.000L$ storecard from the store EDELFABRIK :)

EDELFABRIK is doing a nice RL-style easter egg hunt! You arrive at the sim click the biiig egg and get a easter egg basket. It is empty! So you have to collect 10 different colored eggs which are at the sim. You click them and they will show up in your easter egg basket. If you have all 10 eggs click the biiiig egg again and you will guaranteed get a L$ 500 Storecard for EDELFABRIK mainstore OR by 10% chance a L$ 2,000 one :) Happy easter!

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