06 April 2012

Make home over hunt (APRIL 5 - MAY 5)

Duration: April 5 - May 5.  


The hunt object you are looking for is a green circle with a green cross within the circle - Earth Symbol.

Hint will be listed in the hint giver of hunt poster with Vic Zuzu's face at each store location. A list of the stores and Slurl's will be listed on the blog.

Rules and info for Hunters:

1. Please be polite - refrain from calling out the location of a hunt item in local chat. Remember, store owners are watching the group chat as well and have a right to move the hunt object as many times as they like! If hunting with friends, please keep it to IM's. Also please no shouting. There are other customers, and residents nearby these stores who may not appreciate shouting.

2. Need a hint, look in the store for the hint giver of hunt poster with Vic Zuzu's face, or ask in the group chat. Please, refrain from IMing store owners for a hint.

3. As in local, please don't give direct locations in group chat, Hints are fine, going to help are fine, but direct locations are a no-no.

4. Allow for things to rez, and look around some before asking for help. Some places take longer to rez.

Having a hard time teleporting? Check your scripted attachments. Too many scripted attachments can cause issues and make getting around more difficult, take off what you don't need when it comes to scripts.

Please report all issues and difficulties with the hunt to AleiaSerenity Sapphire. Thank you!

Happy Hunting!

AleiaSerenity Sapphire,
Managing Director of MHOH Foundation.

For the list of shops participating in hunt visit HERE

NOTE: Hunt info was originally published here

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