28 February 2012

Second Life Addicts

This blog is dedicated to all addicted persons in Second Life...or whom just love the Second Life. I admit that I become addicted to Second Life from the first 30 minutes of using it and I know that there are a lot of people like me. That's why the name of the blog is Second Life Addicts. Trying to find out good places for shopping and for visiting is time wasting process so I decided to create this blog with some suggestions and tips. The purpose of the blog is to spend less money and less time. The blog will be about the woman outfits  that I suggest, it will be selected items worn on my avatar. The outfits will be freebies, cheap items or worth of cost items. Also some of items will be earned from lucky chairs, letter posters or midnight mania.Additionally I will suggest some places to visit and will show screenshots and landmarks of the places. In the blog will be available tips for second life, such as how to earn money there etc. and sometimes we will have contests. I hope you will enjoy reading the blog and the information you find here will be helpful.

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